Ann Jannetta won the John Whitney Hall Book Prize 2009

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Please join us to congratulate Professor emerita of History at Pitt, Ann Jannetta who won the John Whitney Hall Book Prize 2009 of the Northeast Asian Council, Association of Asian Studies for her recent publication The Vaccinators: Smallpox, Medical Knowledge, and the ‘Opening’ of Japan, Stanford University Press, 2007.

In the certificate, the selection committee described her work “accessing Dutch, Japanese, Russian, and English sources, Jannetta traces the transmission of the Jennerian vaccine from rural England to a host of foreign sites and eventually Japan. Here Jannetta focuses on a select group of remarkable individuals, none of whom are the usual political heroes or culprits of the age. But Jannetta’s story is much more than an account of the discovery and transfer of the vaccine. She offers a pre-gunboat case of “opening” Japan, from the inside and for humanitarian purposes. This book illustrates a now widely-accepted periodization in which the entire nineteenth century, rather than just a narrow period within it, is characterized as the pivot between pre-modern and modern.”

Ann, congratulation!



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