New Function of CiNii Articles and CiNii Books

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NII (National Institution of Informatics) announced new functions of CiNii <> early October.

See following link for more detail.

1. New common functions of CiNii Articles and Books
– Retaining search terms between CiNii Articles and Books
When you switch to another service by clicking “Articles” or “Books” button on the upper left of the screen or “Search Articles” or “Search Books” link on the upper right of a search box, it became possible to retain keywords you entered and display search results by these search terms. Intended fields are as follows.

1.1 Between Articles Search and Book & Journal Search
Articles Books
Free word —><— Free word
Title —><— Title
Author —><— Author
Publisher —><— Publisher
Journal —>   Title * Only form Articles to Books

1.2 Between Author Search of Articles and Books
Articles Books
Author Name —><— Author Name
– Links from Author Details Page to Microsoft Academic Search are now available at the “Search this author in other sites” area on the right side of the Author Details Page. English name is preferentially used for search. If there are not English name, Japanese name is used.

2. Modifications to CiNii Articles
2.1 We have made following minor modifications and improvements.
– Modification of links from Author Details Page to Researcher Name Resolver
Previously, all links to Researcher Name Resolver at the “Search this author in other sites” area were search link, but the links of some author whose identification of author ID is completed (ID starts with 1) have changed from search link to direct link.

2.2 Data of “KAKEN – Database of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research” is used to identify these IDs.

2.3  Automatic redirect function of the CiNii PDF page
Users could not direct access URL of CiNii PDF and the error message was displayed when access, now it will be redirected to Article Details Page.
For PDFs which do not have details page (except articles. ex.: Table of contents or information page, etc.), it will be redirected to index pages of journal of CiNii Journal with full text Directory.

2.4 Modification of output contents for reference management tools: Following points are fixed.
— For RefWorks, EndNote, Refer/BibIX, RIS, and BibTeX format, output of author name has changed so that family and first name are separated with a comma “,”. It makes users easy to distinguish clearly between family and first name.
— For output of BibTex format, year field has changed from year-month-day of publication to only year.

3. Modifications to CiNii Books
Several minor modifications and improvements are as follows.
– Fixed the lack of partial Alias Names on the author details page
There was a malfunction that partial Alias Names (The heading based on cataloging rules which was not applied when deciding forms of the Uniform Heading) were not displayed, but it was fixed.
– Fixed the behavior when switching language setting (Japanese and English)
Problem with switching which was not reflected only first time was fixed.
– Changed URL to include the number of display records per page and display order
The number of display records per page and display order has not been included in URL with some exception, but now these are basically included.
It makes users easy to share search results with others.

4. Changes of CiNii Articles available journal list
At the TSV format list of journals full text available in CiNii Articles <>, “Limited” and “External Link” have been added to Package Type field in addition to “Open Access”, “Subscription”, and “Paid” which are already shown as a condition of provision of contents. Multiple conditions are listed and separated by the “|”.

Note: These improvements are not included to help files.
Thank you for your patience.


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