The Popularization of Rōkyoku through Records by Rekion

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NDL Historical Recording Collection (Rekion) published new English article

“The Popularization of Rōkyoku through Records.”

“From the latter half of the Meiji era (1868-1912) to the middle of the Showa era (1926-1989), for little over a 50 year period, rōkyoku (naniwabushi) were enjoyed enthusiastically in every corner of Japan, and were hailed as “the king of public entertainment”. Records played a key role in their popularization.”


Torazo Hirosawa II
Rōkyoku nyuumon (“An Introduction to Rōkyoku”), Tsurushobo, 1955, Frontispiece page.
NDL Rekion

Read more at here


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ERDB-JP: Electronic Resources Database-JAPAN – New Japan Service for Sharing Digital Resources 高橋是清自伝前後篇, 1896年日活製作を探しています

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