CiNii Dissertations Open : could be one stop shopping for Japanese Dissertations

Great news for oversea Japanese studies researchers and librarians.

NII opened new dissertation database in June 9, 2015. It cover 600,000 dissertations (Ds) with bibliographic info only from NDL, 131,000 Ds with links to full text and TOC, and 130,000 Ds with links to full text and some with abstracts.

Please try it (English interface)

Information about (English)

Manual (English)

Review of CiNii Dissertations by a Japanese university librarian (Japanese)

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高橋是清自伝前後篇, 1896年日活製作を探しています


高橋是清自伝 前後篇
上映時間: 15巻
監督・脚色: 渡辺邦男
高橋是清: 岡譲二(青年・壮年時代)
高橋是清: 山本嘉一(老年時代)
妻 品子: 滝花久子

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The Popularization of Rōkyoku through Records by Rekion

NDL Historical Recording Collection (Rekion) published new English article

“The Popularization of Rōkyoku through Records.”

“From the latter half of the Meiji era (1868-1912) to the middle of the Showa era (1926-1989), for little over a 50 year period, rōkyoku (naniwabushi) were enjoyed enthusiastically in every corner of Japan, and were hailed as “the king of public entertainment”. Records played a key role in their popularization.”


Torazo Hirosawa II
Rōkyoku nyuumon (“An Introduction to Rōkyoku”), Tsurushobo, 1955, Frontispiece page.
NDL Rekion

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ERDB-JP: Electronic Resources Database-JAPAN – New Japan Service for Sharing Digital Resources

Trial version of ERDB-JP is open to public in April 1, 2015. I hope it become one stop shopping for all Japanese ditigal resources.

“ERDB-JP is testing to add package data such as J-STAGE to data registered at ERDB-JP and corporate with CiNii Books now. In addition, ERDB-JP is offering data to some commercial knowledge bases (discovery services, such as Summon). Therefore, institutions that have contracted with those knowledge bases have realized navigate to domestic electronic resources from OPAC or contract database by using this data.”

Search Page:

More Information (Japanese):

annoucement by NDL (Japanese):

Original Japanese


「現在,ERDB-JPに登録されたデータにJ-STAGEなどのパッケージ情報を加えてCiNii Booksと連携させるサービスを試行している。また,一部の商用ナレッジベースにもデータの提供を行っており,当該ナレッジベースの導入機関はこのデータを利用してOPACや契約データベースから国内電子リソースへのナビゲートを実現している。」

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Shochiku Otani Library has more than 440,000 scripts and other resources

There are more than 440,000 scripts and other resources for play, movies, TV drama, etc. Shochiku Otani Library at
Ginza Shochiku Squire 3F, Tsukiji 1-13-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
〒104-0045 東京都中央区築地1-13-1 銀座松竹スクエア3階

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Project MUSE to preserve e-journals with Portico

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Three major Japanese newspaper Databases have clear titles now

Although Pitt Library subscribes full text databases of three major Japanese newspapers, Asahi Shinbun, Yomiuri Shinbun and Nihon Keizai Shinbun, I heard that some users could not find them because these databases have different names and don’t include names of newspapers themselves.

Apology for giving confusion but no more. We added names of newspapers to databases at the beginning as follows.

Asahi Shinbun Kikuzo II Bijuaru, under “A” at Databases A to Z List

Yomiuri Shinbun Yomidas Rekishikan, under “Y” at Databases A to Z List

Nihon Keizai Shinbun Nikkei Telecom 21, not on Databases A to Z list yet.
* It is because this database is still accessed by ID and Password. Please contact me at any time when you need to use Nikkei Shinbun Database.

Please bookmark the following link for your convenience. I keep update and maintain links on my Guides.
“Japanese Newspapers, Journals & Reference in Databases”

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